Monday, May 12, 2014

doing "mom" is my job

yesterday was mothers day!
i love being a mom...i take it very serious.
i love my children, yes i said "my".
i love my children with my heart complete.

i may not spend every day physically with each child, however they consume my daily thoughts.  
i have been faulted for loving a few of them so deeply.  i've been told "its your job, don't get so attached".

i don't care how long the time period...if i have been given the privelage to care for you, i'm gonna give it all i got! i'm gonna love you so much at times i think it may kill me.  

how did i get so lucky to call you all "mine"
each one of you is special, and make my heart shine

your all on my mind all day and each night
i'm trying to do this thing called mom more than alright

i know i get crabby, bossy, and such
please just remember i love you so much

my biggest fear in life is the absence of you
my heart will be crushed o what will i do

your top on my list each night when i pray
if you ask god i know what he will say

she loves you more than you will ever know
she calls it a privelage to watch you all grow

my life is much fuller as long as your near 
i can't wait to see what comes with each passing year

Monday, May 5, 2014

zeekie poo turns 3

cookies and mommy at school!!!!!  what more could a boy want?  his smile speaks more than words:)

happy joe's pizza party with his favorite people!!!

salamatu and her mini me...

ezekiel, hope this year is as special as you!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


i usually do a birthday post for each of my boys and somehow i forgot vito's 5th birthday.  this was the first year we had separate parties for them.  v decided on a swim party at the ymca!
family, friends, neighbors, snacks, times;)

vito says 5 feels no different than 4.  still a brat, strong-willed, very opinionated,and spoiled boy says mom! 

vito's favorite past time??
playing with his best buds!!

you mess with one of these boys the other two are gonna get you. for jokes

we are so ready for spring.  lots of messes to be made.
rocks to collect.  mud piles to be built.  there's no telling what their creative minds will get them into!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

lately captured through instagram

theres no buddy
like a brother

too many decision

i love spending time with my buddy

my bear is mastering the kindergarten gig

a rare pic of the two of us captured at our wild new years eve party.  well if consider playing uno  moo, trouble, and drinking half a wine cooler wild!
btw, its our anniversary today!! 9 years ya'll

one word for this kid b-a-d
he wears me out;)

momma's sportin a new doo

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

in honor of the king

i took my boys to the park.
my light skinned baby played...
my dark skinned babies played...
because no matter the color of your skin, we all like to play!

we like to play when and where we wish, and with whomever we wanna.
thats our right!!

"I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, December 16, 2013


winter is so not my favorite season of the year.  i dislike the cold, and the constant "put your coat on the hook" is already making me bonkers.  i do however love the anticipation of christmas creeping up on the calender, and recieving holiday photo cards in the mail!

thanks to dad, the boys got to trample through the snow.
sledding down the hill was a blast, and ezekiel sure likes the taste of a snow ball :-)

saturday we attended a holiday party at the dome, sponsered by the rams.
one of the perks of being an adoptive family!

hank and i attempted to make a batch of cookies using a pinterest recipe. total flop :-(

good luck to everyone this holiday season.  so much to do, never enough time.
                                                      happy holidays