Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 holiday meal in sierra leone

***a big success, a giant blessing***

last week, the morning of December 20th, many were preparing for the much anticipated holiday meal that would be provided through the gracious donations from the donors and the hard work of my friend Alhaji and his fellow volunteers.

your money provided a rented hall which allowed  the guests a comfortable space to sit and enjoy...transportation to and from the a heaping plate of delicious food including rice and meat!! 

the program was scheduled to start at noon. the music played as people filed into the hall.   

this sign was hand painted for the event! there is no office max people...if you want a sign you make it yourself!!!

we sent $1020.00   this is this is the stack of leones collected from the western union office in sierra leone.  the sum was so large they asked Ahaji to return later in the day because they had to get more money from the bank!!

beautiful Emma, the head cook, working hard!  her mother is also pictured here!
on top of the food is a can of lemonade (which is a big deal) and a bag of drinking water 

enjoying the food

a few of the guest took center stage to lead all in prayers for our donors as well as each other.  most were in disbelief that people would choose to do for them while expecting nothing return! 

from the bottom of my heart i want to personally thank everyone who made the choice to donate to this mission.  i am not ignorant to the fact that this may have seemed as a bit of  a risky task, for once the money left my hands i would have no control over where it would end up.   i however had total confidence in alhaji, that he would see that the funds would be spent on exactly what it was intended for.  thank you friends and family for your support in helping me fulfill my dreams in making the world a better place one small act at a time.  you all made a difference while spreading hope to complete strangers.   that alone my friends is completely amazing!!   love always prevails!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

~nina marie~ 1 and 2 months o my!!!

our baby girl is now 2 months old (sniff sniff). the change in appearance is pretty remarkable when you compare photos.

5 weeks old

2 months old

nina's favorite things to do include...
napping with mom
riding in the car
mommy wearing her in the ktan wrap
taking a bath
and nursing


saturday night party

 the most handsome boys ever
 see these sandals?!!  i have been dreaming of having a reason to purchase these for years!!
not only do i have the cutest set of tootsies to wear these, i found them on the swap for half price

african baby wearing... my gal sallay taught me how to do this and beanie loved it sooo much!! it's amazing how people manage to get their babies on their backs solo!! 

time flies when your having fun!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nina Marie

Tiny little angel, what can i say
I love you more and more, each and every day

head and length measurements switched in photo

the joy i feel is deep within my heart
i could tell you were extra special, right from the start

i almost feel undeserving of you
your perfection is amazing, it seems a bit untrue

my o so precious princess nina marie
i hope to never wake from this beautiful dream

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

almost 7 and the big 8 ~strike~

best brothers bowling bash!!

friends, family, food, and fun!!

we love them more than life!!