Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas 2012

christmas was wonderful as always.  yummy food, great company, and some pretty cool loot to come home with!  my boys are spoiled...i think they deserve it.

started christmas eve with hank's side, then headed to my mom and dad's house.

the current age of the boys is the best for discovering santa has delivered gifts...

happy holidays from our family to yours.


my baby is four today and he is thrilled about it!!  we started our morning with traditional birthday donuts and the boys have been playing with  their new toys.  vito and i scurried outside for a few min to take his birthday pics...he chose his own attire :-)

the birthday boy has been talking about chucky cheese since this summer so guess where we are going for dinner?!!  

i'm obsessed with this boy. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

life in istagram pics 12-20-2012

embrace the camera 12-20-2012

embraced the camera yesterday at my little's christmas program!

it was precious!

robot seany

angel face vito

now that the boys are off school for the holidays it's feeling a bit more like christmas!  

making gingerbread houses earlier in the month...

five more days!!

linking up with  the anderson crew

Saturday, December 8, 2012

8th day of christmas...santa breakfast

the boys had been looking forward to this for weeks!  we joined meemaw, pawpaw, aunt angie, uncle mike and our cousins for a morning full of christmas fun!!

decorating cookies...

seany wandered off on his own only to be discovered he was chatting with a friend...

and the christmas countdown continues :-)

Friday, December 7, 2012

christmas card mini session

i had been contemplating on what to do for our family christmas cards.  i absolutely loved our family pics from last year but didn't want to spend the money on getting them done again this year.  we are in a super duper saving money mode right now and have much more important things to spend our money on.

i went shopping with my mom a few weeks ago at three french hens and compliments of her walked out with this adorable garland! i knew later it would be put to good use.

the boys and i headed to the mall one morning before preschool and i was able to throw together christmas outfits!  i must really be drawn to grey, black, and red because its the same colors scheme as last year...o well i like it.

i begged the boys to be good and let me take a few pics.  they are hams!!

as i went through my photos i was delighted to see the love vito has for his big brother is no secret.  for example...come a little closer brother

your so cool i wanna squeeze ya...

little brother can't keep his eyes off his best pal ever...

they melt my heart!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

days of christmas 1-3

so i wanted to do something simple with the boys everyday the month of december to get us in the christmas spirit!

december 1st... wherenberg theater had a can food drive.  donate 5 cans and receive a free movie pass! 20 cans later and we were headed to see RISE OF THE GUARDIANS.  highly suggest this movie.

december books at bedtime.  we usually only read one book before bed, lucky boys got two!

december 3rd...make snowflakes

supplies: coffee filters and scissors

 fold filter


and that's it!

we strung ours with ribbon and hung them in the window!  100 more and i will have a complete set of snowflake curtains!