Tuesday, August 28, 2012

jay baer

two years ago today my family lost an amazing soul.

my cousin in law jill... lost her one true love.  she lost the man whom should have fathered her children.  she was forced to say good bye to the one she wished to grow old with, the one she should still be kissing at night.  jill lost her husband, she is missing her best friend right this very moment.  

my aunt and uncle...lost their first born child.  the child whom claimed them as parents first and was given the same name as his beloved father.  they lost their precious son.  they were forced to let go to the one they created, the one they still love so much.  their son has passed their hearts forever broken.  

my cousins michael and lucas...they lost their big brother. they are holding onto childhood memories of the past that seem like yesterday.  my cousins will never shake the loss of their sibling.  

family and friends...some are missing their nephew and godchild, while others are missing their cousin. we have small ones that miss their uncle and godfather.  we have lost our loyal friend and respected coworker. 

my cousin jay lost an admirable battle to cancer at a very young age.  every ones lives were much fuller just knowing jay and he will be forever missed.  his smile was contagious and his words genuine. he will forever be an inspiration to us all he left behind.

i can't even begin to wrap my brain around the loss of one of my children or being forever detached from my husband.  how lonely it must feel to lose a parent or sibling.  i am forever amazed that his closets loved ones are even able to get out of bed each  morning.  my heart is heavy thinking of them on this day.

we love and miss you.  you will never be forgotten.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

hank's triathlon

on saturday morning hank participated in his first ever triathlon! after months and months of training the day had finally arrived.  the boys and i scored a good spot right where the participants dismount off their bikes and start the running part of the race.  we waited in anticipation with our eyes peeled in hopes to get a glimpse of daddy.

see this pic?

not only is it nothing special, but can you even believe i turned back around just in time to see this....

yep that's hank heading out on his run.  ahhhhhh crud, we missed him :(  now we must wait  for him to return from his 6.2 mile run.

and finally we see him, fist pumping and all.....

super job dad, we are so proud of you...

total race time 3:23:00

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

embracing the camera 8-23-12

this past weekend we celebrated the joining of two special people through marriage!

mark and jenniefer...

the weather was amazing and i was honored to be invited to go on the party bus with the rest of the wedding party!  lots of people looking in tip top shape that day...


mark and his sister!

i made it a point to make sure i snagged a couple pics that included myself...

jason and amanda

dan, hank,matt, jason

congratulation and best of wishes to my dear friends mark and jenniefer!!!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

embrace the camera 8-16-12

embracing the camera with my tiny vito... crazy bed head and all!!

he kills me with cuteness :)

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

the ploch family

meet frank, kate, and precious ava...

i have known frank for 16 years...holy crap that makes me feel super old :(  anyway as you can see a special little someone has him completely smitten...

i know mommy is equally in love...

for such a happy baby lil miss ava sure was serious this morning...

and finally she surprises us all...

yep she's a beauty...

birthday cake... she's not impressed....

thanks so much to frank and kate!! i know how much work it is to get yourselves and a little one ready for pics.  quite honestly i find it a bit stressful.  without people willing to let me practice my photography, i will never get ahead to where i hope to be one day!