Wednesday, December 16, 2015

almost 7 and the big 8 ~strike~

best brothers bowling bash!!

friends, family, food, and fun!!

we love them more than life!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

all in God's thanksgiving post

almost four years exactly to date the itch to grow our family was in need of a scratch.  despite the hefty price, mounds of paper work, and the possibility of excruciating waiting periods, that could still result in the absence of a baby, we were determined domestic adoption was the hike we were willing and ready to conquer. after hours of research, long phone conversations, and picking the brains of anyone and everyone whom had been blessed with a successful adoption story, we began our home study. we were more than satisfied with the swiftness of our social worker to complete it in a timely matter.  i completed a beautiful family profile book that took me at least 15 hours of searching my photo files with a fine tooth comb, and carefully typing out words straight from my heart that hopefully would appeal to an expectant mother possibly ready to make the hardest decision of her life.

after several months of waiting our family was presented two different times to different women only to result a few yet long days later, in rejection. the story was the same both times..."she thought you were a great family however she chose a childless family." the rejection is real, and stings like a bee.  one can't help but take it personal, while at the same time you try to keep your head high and continue the not so patient wait.

nearing the year mark of  our home study completion, it was getting ready to expire for they are only good for one year, before you choose to renew it or not.  throwing around other options of family building, we were leaning towards the option of embryo adoption.  the price was more appealing as well as the fact that once the embryos were in your procession there was no chance of biological parents changing their minds.  don't get me wrong, this is far beyond a worry free option of adoption.  will my body embrace this foreign body,nourish, and protect it? if the result is negative then well your back to square one;(

right before we were going to update our home study God threw a curve ball at us.  to make a long story short, a young mother and her son were paced in our laps and i was determined to help them. here we were, faced with the choice whether to help these two right here right now, or do we turn our backs and pursue our adoption journey?? we took a leap of faith, trusted God's plan and embraced the opportunity.  co parenting for this child was not easy and had it's own ups and downs. two and a half years down the road do i regret the decision i made and the plan we put on hold...absolutely not.

  amongst  everything else going on in our lives we decided we would go ahead and try to conceive the old fashion way while providing help that was needed elsewhere.  it was effortless the first time we tried nearly five years prior.  a few months passed by and no luck. we decided to update our home study and start the embryo adoption process as well.  the clock was ticking, and the pages on the calendar were flipping month by month.  why was i not getting pregnant? i had no idea. the paperwork needed for the update of the home study was hardly progressing either.  i was finding it extremely hard to get motivated, just the thought of the entire process was exhausting.  days turned  into months, and months into years. still unsuccessful, however we were near ready to submit the final paperwork for the embryo adoption!

right around that same time, i was invited to a women's wellness night out at a chiropractic office.  that evening i talked briefly with the doctor about the ways chiropractic adjustments could possibly help with infertility.  i proceeded and made my first appointment with her, as well as an appointment with a fertility specialists, hoping for answers to possibly an underlying issue.  i started getting adjusted three times per week for the first month.  the second month we added two different essential oils to be used daily.  midway through the second month i also met with a fertility specialist who offered me a round of clomid, and also suggested a couple different test that could be done.
i picked up my prescription from the pharmacy and was waiting for the correct time within my cycle to start the clomid. the right time never came to start the prescription.  much to our surprise, a tiny miracle had already started to grow!!

to wherever credit is deserved we will never know for sure...perhaps it was all in God's timing!!

  we are overjoyed to announce baby girl schwartz is due Jan 25, 2016!!!

i am not shy when it comes to talking about adoption, in fact i love sharing the info i have absorbed with others. if you are curious about the essential oils used, and want the number of my awesome chiropractor feel free to ask...i give her much of the credit in our success!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Before 2015 says goodbye...

~A quick recap in pictures of life since I almost completely fell of the world of blogging~
2 scouts in the house!!!
vito taking his guinea pig for a stroll;)
super proud of this boy...only student chosen out of the entire second grade!
1st and 2nd grader!!
day of fun at the city museum
who needs a pool membership when you have city fountains! 

fun morning at ezekiel's fall festival! 

six flags!!! the boys loved having season passes~vito's biggest idol is still his big bro

pumpkin carving...

so there ya have it...i shall return soon!!!