Tuesday, January 29, 2013

today is tuesday...

today is tuesday and once again seany did not go to preschool :(  i could tell he wasn't feeling 100%, but was hoping he was just a little sleepy from coughing on and off through the night.  no fever...yet, eating and drinking like a champ so hopefully whatever bug he has won't stick around.  this doesn't come as a surprise to say the least considering he woke up with huge swollen glands in his neck on sunday.  we were getting ready to take the boys to basketball and as i was putting lotion on sean's face i noticed it.    we took him to the hospital and the doc said he was probably just coming down with something.  i guess today was the day it's greeting us.   

even though we've had a few cases of the sickies, on our good days we have been having fun!

playing at the science center...

skating lessons...

just hanging out...

happy day!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

{thankful thursday}

i am thankful we are feeling well for the most part.  hank has a cold but i think he'll take that over the flu the boys and i shared last week.  i am so ready  for spring i can't stand it.  bring on the picnic lunches and  playground fun.  with such great whether this past saturday we did get out for a bit to stretch our legs and play!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

the traveling germ

the woman with the salt and pepper hair stands at the counter and coughs a nasty cough right into the palm of her hand.  the same women proceeds to hand over her credit card using her germ infested hand to the cashier.  the cashier is now infested and so is everything he touches unless of course he washes his hands immediately, highly unlikely.  

the blond haired waitress hacks up her right lung while shielding the flying germs with her HAND.  the same waitress proceeds to her table and picks up a cup to be refilled and then delivers it back to the table.  the customer picks up the cup takes a drink and then proceeds eating her meal.  every french fry is now accompanied with extra germ seasoning.  

the customer with the infested french fries picks up the ketchup bottle and there ya have it, every poor soul who uses the ketchup will soon be waking up with sore throats.  

the customer who ate the fries and touched the ketchup gets up to leave.  as she exits the restaurant she is sure to leave her germs, and the waitress's germs on the door handle.  every single person who touches the door will now be traveling with extra germs.  

i could go on and on....
you get the picture....
wash your darn hands... like all the time...
i'm appalled at how many grown adults cough into their hand.  USE THE BEND OF YOUR ELBOW for petes sake.
okay i'm finished.


Friday, January 4, 2013

embrace the camera 1-4-13

"look boys there it is", i say pointing out the front window of the car.  "where", they replied stretching their little bodies to see better while still strapped in their car seats.  "what do you mean where, you can't miss it" !!

we visited the newly opened central library located downtown today, and we all agreed it looks a bit more like a castle rather than a library.  

we were up for an exploration and found a really cool children's library tucked away at the end of the hall down stairs.  

the tall black curvy chairs are nice for lounging...

the step seats are fun for climbing...

the computers are full of  awesome games for kids....

ok now, i need to  brag really quick.  after we went to the library we went to mcdonalds play land for lunch.  while we were their i had two different adults come over to my table and  tell me how polite and well mannered seany was!!   woot woot!!!   i'm so proud of him :o)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year

as this holiday season comes to a close i'm eager to discover what 2013 has up it's sleeve.  i anticipate it will include tons of time spent with my boy's both big and small, doing what we do best, enjoying one another's company.

i hope the new year brings good luck and good health to all my friends and family!!