Friday, July 29, 2011

a pretty typical week

this week has passed in the same fashion as our weeks typically do.  its the end of july and lets just say using the word hot would be an understatement when it comes to this weather.  it's a scorcher out there!  trying to find activities to keep the kids busy can be a challenge, but i can't sit at home all day.  lets see... monday we did the whole mall thing, you know play place, browsed through slackers (a store that has a variety of old and new comic books, action figures, and lets not leave out all the previously viewed merchandise for your pleasure), lunch, and last but not least a trip through borders book store, so the boys could terrorize it at least 1 more time before they close the doors FOREVER.  tuesday, ummm, well its all a blur, however i do think we visited the outdoor pool after the gym, and seany is doing wonderful in the pool since the start of swim lessons!!  wednesday we hit up the old crestwood mall so that the kids could run wild with some friends in the ac.  after the mall we went to the circle of knowledge toy store, where i think my best friend and i enjoyed looking at all the specialty toys more than the kids.  if i had a lot of extra money, i would be straight up dangerous in that store.  thursday started with seany's swim class, and ended back at the ymca for a little zumba, which is currently my favorite form of exercise.  today is obviously friday and at the moment the boys are napping, which is a blessing after how my 2 little angels acted earlier at the store.  grrrr better keep that censored.  if the weather holds out, back to the pool this evening with daddy, but before that grabbing a bite to eat.  ta ta for now

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