Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas is almost here


for a while it felt as if christmas would never get here.  i guess maybe having my christmas shopping almost completed while at the same time,  skeletons were staked in my front lawn might have something to do with it.  i can't help it.  i like to be prepared and waiting until after thanksgiving would make me feel rushed.
       my kids definitely take after their mother when it comes to the appreciation of festive lil do dads that transform your house into a home.  no matter what holiday approaches they are always up in my business when i get out the decorations.  they gotta touch everything, and if anyone comes over to visit they must take them on a quick little tour.  today at the store seany says with excitement " aww look at all the nutcrackers, aren't they cute?" he's absolutely right, they are cute and i think i just might have to start him his only little collection one day.
           that sweet little christmas elf is at it again this year.  we never know where we might find him but one things for certain, he's always sporting a smile!

st. nick came and went, but without doubt left some cool surprises!!

couple things left on my list to do:

  • finish wrapping presents
  • make tiny elf donuts
  • make santa hat snack mix
  • seany's christmas concert
  • last min touches for christmas eve which i am hosting!

seany makes the cutest stuff at preschool

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