Wednesday, June 13, 2012

front porch paradise

i have always admired homes that were equipped with spacious front porches. porches that have room for large swings and huge potted plants.  finally after four years living in this home i have revamped my very not so spacious front porch...

my porch has become my favorite spot to hang out.  as soon as i put my kids down for their afternoon nap i head straight out the front door.  call me weird but i love to pick the dead flower buds off the plants and scoop out the unwanted debris in the pond, it's kind of my own form of relaxation therapy.

i enjoy listening to the water circulate in the pond and watching the small goldfish swim peacefully just below the surface.  i have added all kinds of beautiful potted plants and flowers that add so much color and enjoyment.

if you were a  bunny sneaking in my plants you might find me sitting in the small chair below. .porch.

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