Sunday, August 26, 2012

hank's triathlon

on saturday morning hank participated in his first ever triathlon! after months and months of training the day had finally arrived.  the boys and i scored a good spot right where the participants dismount off their bikes and start the running part of the race.  we waited in anticipation with our eyes peeled in hopes to get a glimpse of daddy.

see this pic?

not only is it nothing special, but can you even believe i turned back around just in time to see this....

yep that's hank heading out on his run.  ahhhhhh crud, we missed him :(  now we must wait  for him to return from his 6.2 mile run.

and finally we see him, fist pumping and all.....

super job dad, we are so proud of you...

total race time 3:23:00


  1. Congrats to your Hubs on the race. You guys look great.

  2. Thanks Sophia! He had a great time:)