Thursday, February 28, 2013

not as much as we love you

snow snow go away, and never come back:-( so ready to ditch the boots and retrieve the flip flops that are scattered at the bottom of my closet.  out with the snow and in with the green grass!

i promised the boys if they helped me straighten up the house this morning i would get out a special surprise. little feet scurried from room to room picking up toys that had been flung about one day prior and dirty laundry sailed down the basement steps.  
the surprise...a set of transformers seany had completely forgot about since christmas.  i'm always quick to tuck a few gifts away in the closet and never have they known the wiser.  it's way cooler to open them up on a random thursday morning.  

i said "seany you guys sure love those transformers", he replies "not as much as we love you".     he melts my heart!

thankful i'm top on their list!!

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