Monday, May 12, 2014

doing "mom" is my job

yesterday was mothers day!
i love being a mom...i take it very serious.
i love my children, yes i said "my".
i love my children with my heart complete.

i may not spend every day physically with each child, however they consume my daily thoughts.  
i have been faulted for loving a few of them so deeply.  i've been told "its your job, don't get so attached".

i don't care how long the time period...if i have been given the privelage to care for you, i'm gonna give it all i got! i'm gonna love you so much at times i think it may kill me.  

how did i get so lucky to call you all "mine"
each one of you is special, and make my heart shine

your all on my mind all day and each night
i'm trying to do this thing called mom more than alright

i know i get crabby, bossy, and such
please just remember i love you so much

my biggest fear in life is the absence of you
my heart will be crushed o what will i do

your top on my list each night when i pray
if you ask god i know what he will say

she loves you more than you will ever know
she calls it a privelage to watch you all grow

my life is much fuller as long as your near 
i can't wait to see what comes with each passing year

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