Wednesday, September 14, 2011


i can't even believe seany is going to school.  my days of beboppin around town, play dates on any chosen day, and having my boys all to myself are now just beautiful memories that i will forever cherish and keep stored in that special little space in my brain.  you know that little space that all mothers have.  where we keep the little simple things that seem like no big deal to everyone else, but are the most special little moments that will forever be stamped all over our hearts.
i always hear parents commenting how they can wait for summer to be over so the kids can return to school.  i love spending my days filled with action figures all over the floor, cartoons monopolizing the television, little hands pawing all over my clothes, and little mouths constantly asking for a snack.  i enjoy going to the zoo two days in a row, and making trips to the store just to check out the holiday decorations.  seany will ask to go to michaels (craft store) just to look at the halloween stuff and for some reason is obsessed with putting glittery spiders in his mohawk.  i promised him we could purchase a few when they go on clearence!

 like i said, those days are over and my little seany is now a big boy in preschool.  i chose hopemark preschool due to the cozy little feeling you get as soon as you arrive at the top of the stairwell.  the preschool is nested in the attic of a church and consists of one tiny little hall adorned with entries that will lead you 2 classrooms, 2 tiny bathrooms, and 1 nice size office.  i love the tiny size, and the fact that it was founded in 1971 and is still  going strong is enough said.  i visited the early childhood center in mehlville where we live and while it was a super nice facility, it was by no means what i was looking for.  i love old things that are small and simple yet rich with character.  that is exactly what hopemark is!

first day of school was a hands down success.  only one complaint  from the new student..... "i'm not ready to go home" .  "don't worry" i say.  "we will come back".

best part of preschool for mommy.....i get to spend some alone time with my vito!  vito is a completely different lil guy when flying solo.  once he gets over the fact that he is not able to attend preschool with his brother he is ready for some mommy and me time all to himself.  

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