Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day fun!!

this years labor day weekend left a smile on my face and my pants a lil tight.  4pm on friday we headed over to pick up mr. kyluan and travel straight to tropicana lanes.  we always try to save the most fun things for when kyluan comes to visit.  earlier that day i found a groupon for bowling, so i figured we'd give it a whirl.  kyluan being the natural athlete that he is, was quick to give those pins hell.  he was equally thrilled with each ball  that rolled down the lane, and continued to ask if he "was still winning", at the end of his turn.

 seany had more fun slippin and sliding on the slick wood floor, and the balls that he did roll took about 45 seconds to make it to the other end.

i was delighted to find vito snuggled in my lap most of the time, due to him being" scared of spookies" .  ??hmmm, halloween should be interesting this year.

over all we had fun, but probably won't be in a hurry to return any time soon.

saturday morning we had our last dip in the pool for the season.  we took many trips through the lazy river, and hank counted numerously how long kyluan could stay below the water.  we were completely drained from the sunshine and decided to keep our evening pretty uneventful.  we headed to the grocery store, where the boys found themselves behind the wheel sailing up and down the aisles.  laughter and smiles for everyone involved!!

both sunday and monday evenings were full of good friends and tasty food.  the weather was as if i tore a page straight out of a fairy tale, and mother nature probably couldn't repeat it even if i double dared her.

oops i almost forgot.  we sneaked in a 15 minute drive by at suson farms on monday afternoon before nap time.

cute little things that popped out of the mouths of my babe's

kyluan- wanted 2 donughts from qt.  "i want a long john and a circle john"  

seany- after saying the our father before bed  "mom does jesus teach everybody how to fight evil" , "he's just like a super hero", i reply" yep your right seany he is the biggest super hero of all!"

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