Monday, April 30, 2012

runaway ball

last week the boys were playing in the front yard.  our yard is on a hill and the street is also a hill.  i warned them if the ball rolled down the street i would not be retrieving it.  they continued to play soccer and then it happened....
as the ball rolled down the street, seany stomped up the hill.  he was mad and knew mommy wasn't gonna offer a helping hand.

seany where ya going i ask???  no reply...

right about the time he reached the garage, all hell broke loose...he turned around and ran frantically towards the street.  "my ball"....

so glad i had my camera with me.  i wasn't at all prepared for this meltdown but the look on his face will make me laugh for a lifetime.  moral of the story... don't play soccer on a hill and use your camera often.  obviously these pics are of poor quality but the moment captured is priceless!

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