Friday, January 11, 2013

the traveling germ

the woman with the salt and pepper hair stands at the counter and coughs a nasty cough right into the palm of her hand.  the same women proceeds to hand over her credit card using her germ infested hand to the cashier.  the cashier is now infested and so is everything he touches unless of course he washes his hands immediately, highly unlikely.  

the blond haired waitress hacks up her right lung while shielding the flying germs with her HAND.  the same waitress proceeds to her table and picks up a cup to be refilled and then delivers it back to the table.  the customer picks up the cup takes a drink and then proceeds eating her meal.  every french fry is now accompanied with extra germ seasoning.  

the customer with the infested french fries picks up the ketchup bottle and there ya have it, every poor soul who uses the ketchup will soon be waking up with sore throats.  

the customer who ate the fries and touched the ketchup gets up to leave.  as she exits the restaurant she is sure to leave her germs, and the waitress's germs on the door handle.  every single person who touches the door will now be traveling with extra germs.  

i could go on and on....
you get the picture....
wash your darn hands... like all the time...
i'm appalled at how many grown adults cough into their hand.  USE THE BEND OF YOUR ELBOW for petes sake.
okay i'm finished.


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