Friday, January 4, 2013

embrace the camera 1-4-13

"look boys there it is", i say pointing out the front window of the car.  "where", they replied stretching their little bodies to see better while still strapped in their car seats.  "what do you mean where, you can't miss it" !!

we visited the newly opened central library located downtown today, and we all agreed it looks a bit more like a castle rather than a library.  

we were up for an exploration and found a really cool children's library tucked away at the end of the hall down stairs.  

the tall black curvy chairs are nice for lounging...

the step seats are fun for climbing...

the computers are full of  awesome games for kids....

ok now, i need to  brag really quick.  after we went to the library we went to mcdonalds play land for lunch.  while we were their i had two different adults come over to my table and  tell me how polite and well mannered seany was!!   woot woot!!!   i'm so proud of him :o)

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