Wednesday, May 22, 2013


i thought i would be okay with it, but this morning i found myself a bit weepy. our usual morning routine would soon be much different.   lounging in front of the television watching cartoons with legos scattered all over the floor will be a thing of the past.  i envision  more of a rush around the house type of gig, accompanied by a whole lot of "get your shoes on and brush your teeth" type of chatter.

i'm sad my boys are growing up and would be completely content for them to stay in preschool forever.  since i don't think that's a possibility, i guess i will put on my big girl pants and embrace the next stepping stone that will help shape the future for my best buds.  while vito thankfully still has one more year of preschool, my seany bear graduated this evening.

events like this, along with holidays and birthdays are so bittersweet to me when it comes to seany.  just when i think my scars are starting to fade from the days of hell leading up to the finalization of our adoption, those scars begin to reappear.  i look at him through eyes of disbelief that he is mine forever and am so grateful for what god had planned for our family.  i guess i may never get over the "what if he were gone" thoughts, that at times stampede through my head.

we are gonna have a great summer...together...cause that's just how we roll!!

my handsome bear cub

vito cheese

just walk beside me and be my friend...

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