Friday, October 14, 2011

leaves are falling!!

fall is without question my most favorite time of the year.  after months of hot, sticky, and humid weather the cool fall breezes feel better than ever.  the warmer temps appear to be clinging on a little longer than usual for this time of the year but its not stopping us from our fall duties.  i've been burning my pumpkin spice candle daily and seany even helped me bake some yummy apples that the boys collected at eckerts for jonahs birthday party.

our house is adorned with the spookiest,or as vito says pookiest, halloween decorations you ever did see and   we are already equipped with this years costumes.  a robot for vito, and seany finally narrowed it down to wolverine.

seany has been working extra hard at preschool so what better reward than a surprise picnic lunch with mommy and vito after school.  we walked straight over to the park and spread our blanket out underneath a huge tree.  we talked about his day at school and for some reason he was more animated than usual.  i think he was  proud of himself  for getting a good report from the teacher at school, but more so that i acknowledged the fact.  my lil buddy is finally realizing how to go with the flow of being a big boy at school.

we collected sticks and the boys ran around in the empty racquetball court.  its always the most simple things that they enjoy best of all.

vito and i recently took a stroll through the dungeon.  this was our second attempt and it was sucessful.  the first attempt was short lived with just two tiny steps inside the front door. he put on the brakes took one good look around and that was it.  we were out of there.  vito was "cared of dose pookies".

this time he was super brave and headed straight in. he held up pretty well until we saw a wicked baby in a trash can, he did not like that one bit.

see for your self:

and then there was also "that yady".  thats when he was ready to go.

his little voice just kills me with cuteness.

we have tons to look forward to this season.  AB night at grants farm, seany's birthday, halloween play date at the house, trick or treating with our cousins and party at aunt sarah's, these are just a few.  i got to get away this past weekend for a girls weekend at the ozarks that involved 2 things, shopping and good food!!  is there anything better than that?  nope!   in november hank and i are joining our good friends for a birthday weekend in VEGAS BABY!!!   can't believe i'm gonna be 30.  this will be our first time ever leaving our kids at the same time overnight.   the boys are gonna hang with meemaw, i'm sure they'll have a good time.  pics to follow...

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  1. I love pics of Seany b/c for some reason he looks like a little baby to me again?!?! Maybe it's that smile in the first one!