Sunday, October 23, 2011

seany bear is 4

             saturday october 22 we celebrated seany's 4th birthday!  the kickoff was friday at preschool, transformer cupcakes, a visit from the birthday mouse, and a o so very special birthday crown.

saturday morning i scurried to quik trip for doughnuts, and swung by schnucks for a super hero birthday balloon.  i got back home in time to put up a couple party decorations just before my birthday boy arose from his slumber. daddy had to go to work all day, so we decided to sing and blow out the candles in the morning.

i think vito thought he was eating corn on the cob

we got all spiffied up and headed out the door to get our family photos taken.  not sure yet how they turned out, but i'm anxious to find out!!

after hank left for work and the boys woke up from their naps we headed to happy joes to eat pizza and ice cream with meemaw.   the kids had so much fun playing games and mr. kyluan won tons of tickets, which he shared so kindly with seany and vito.  we sang happy birthday to seany over an ice cream sundae, and had to promise him 2 things.  no loud horns were to be honked, and absolutely no sirens were to be screaming in his ears.  we agreed and just threw in some extra loud clapping at the end.   he smiled and said thank you!!!

 the boys checking out the prizes

after happy joes, we took a long carefree stroll through target.  meemaw let the boys pick out birthday surprises.  mr.kyluan and meemaw share the same birthday, october 13th.  vito got to choose a small surprise also, shopping is super fun when meemaw is buying.  we browsed up and down the same toy aisles over and over again, and little minds had a tough time narrowing it down to just one special something.

we headed home and seany's god mother angel came over to surprise him with a few more special gifts.  we played in the basement where the boys finally discovered the tent hank and i put up so we could have a birthday camp out.  they were excited and thats exactly where a few of us laid our sleepy heads to rest.  vito only lasted long enough to take a quick picture and then went up stairs with daddy.

i'm sure seany would agree that we had a very special day.  my babies are growing up way to fast, so we must squeeze tons of special things into a short amount of time.  before i know it camping in the basement will be uncool, with your mom at least, and little paper party hats way will they be caught dead wearing one of those silly things.  i want my children to look back in the past and have lots of special memories.

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