Wednesday, October 31, 2012

feeling a bit off today

after a restless night of sleep i stumbled to get out of bed and shuffled to find hank lying face down on the couch.  i attempted to yell his name and nothing came out.  i touched my fingers to my face and realized something was seriously wrong. i hobbled to the bathroom, flipped on the lights and was astounded at my appearance.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


my screams must have woke hank up and before i knew it he came crawling towards the bathroom to check on me.  what in the world has happened to us!!???

if we look like this, then what do our babies look like.  we hoped for the best as we made it their bedrooms only to discover they too have been taken over by the same nasty virus.  

we all have appointments with dr.doom at midnight and until then we will try to get lots of rest.  the only thing we did different yesterday was indulge a bit in a bag of unwrapped halloween candy someone  left on the door step??

i will keep you all updated on our condition...happy halloween!!!

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