Monday, October 22, 2012

jasean henry is 5

so apparently when you turn five you no longer can smile with yours eyes open!? i kept saying "seany open your eyes"...seany's reply " come on mom, i am, hurry up already".  i quickly reminded him he was 5 not 15.

we started our morning with our traditional birthday doughnuts, and then we met a couple friends at mcdonalds for lunch and play before preschool!

brotherly birthday lovins

bet you can't guess where the birthday boy wanted to eat dinner??

meemaw, paw paw, grandma, grandpa, and seany's godmother angel all met us for dinner at texas roadhouse!!

we asked seany like 10 times if he had a good birthday, and indeed he felt he did.  i try my hardest to make my boys feel special on their birthday.  and by special i don't mean showering them with gifts.  it's the small things like doughnuts in the morning accompanied by a special batman napkin.  last night i was debating whether or not we needed to do the doughnuts since we were eating lunch with school friends?  hank and i quickly agreed that we should or mommy would regret it until his next birthday rolls around.  once the day is over you can't get it back, and only when they are little is a small set of avenger legos and a t shirt going to be an exciting gift.  it's the traditions we make and family gatherings that will be whats remembered for years to come! it's never to late to start traditions, your children will be so glad you did:-)

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