Monday, January 16, 2012

nature walks, an all time favorite

my boys truly enjoy their walks to the fullest.  while letting the dogs out this morning i couldn't help but notice how beautiful the weather was outside.  we grabbed our jackets and flew out the front door.  i took advantage of the natural light and tried my first attempt at using the manual setting on my new camera.

we were gone for almost an hour and only took one lap around the block.  seany said he was a real life "nature tracker" and boy does he know how to find some good naturey stuff!

  my favorite find of the day was the giant foot print seany found.  later during lunch we discussed how it might have come from big foot!  his imagination is quite admirable if i do say so myself.

seany and vito have showed me a new way to look at nature and it's a lot more fun their way!

making sure lil brother doesn't fall off the rock

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