Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend review

friday:  seany school, mommy and vito library, daddy work... all in the am

hello boys, look this way.  or not

we hadn't been to the library in a while.  not a thing had changed.   vito still knew right where to find the super hero books!

daddy picked up our lil buddy on his way home from work.  we are always excited to spend time with mr. kyluan!!   we went to a little carnival on friday evening with our cousins and the boys had a great time.  of course we saved time to play a game before hitting the hay.
kyluan wanted to play doggie doo

tiny hiny  waiting patiently 

we love game night

saturday: gym in the morning and out for dinner that evening!

sunday: daddy ran a race in the morning and then the whole family headed over to the bradley's for an amazing breakfast!! we had so much fun!!

hope your weekend was full of smiles!!!