Saturday, January 7, 2012

spring in january:o)

when mother nature gives you a warm sunny day in january you best take full advantage!!   daddy had the option to take a partial shift at work, and beings it was a friday and the weather was amazing he didn't have to think twice.  we scooped seany up from school and headed straight to grab a bite to eat where we could sit outside.  we ended up at gioias deli and then headed across the street to play on the playground.

later that evening we dug out the rice and bean table which literally keeps the boys busy for hours!  they don't get to play with it often and when they do they are super excited.

ATTENTION:  if you have children you must have one of these, i promise they will love it.  its just colored rice and dry beans poured into an old water table.  add some treasures, old cups and a shovel and your all set.

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