Monday, March 26, 2012

enjoyed our weekend to the fullest...

we had such a fulfilling weekend.  kyluan came over to visit us,  so like always we try to stay extra busy and do fun things.  one of the new favorites is after vito goes to bed, the big boys get to stay up and watch TV,  and sleep on the sofa sleeper! that's a really big deal when you are 4 and 6.

playing sports and eating Popsicles in the yard.....
mommy only buys freeze pops when its warm enough to play outside, so right now it's a major request!

filling cups with beautiful colors and dying eggs....

picnic lunch followed by a long hike....

of course seany had to bring his night vision goggles! you never know when you might need them.

SEANY...........VITO...........GET BACK HERE......... on repeat is what could be heard if you were anywhere near us on the hike.  i swear their ears are permanently broke.  good thing they are cute!!
"ok hank stand right here and press this button." it's really hard to get pictures that include myself with my new camera.  i refuse to put it on auto mode, therefore i have to adjust my settings for EVERY single picture i take.  it's getting a little easier however i have barely scratched the surface with this new hobby! i read in a particular blog i follow on how important it is to have yourself included in some of the photos.  i always try to have hank snap at least a few if he's with us.  if you really think about it, what good is my family album if it doesn't include myself.  and heaven forbid if something ever happen to me, i think the photos that include "mommy" will be what's most important:)
this kid knows how to work the camera!!

just playing at the park....

 you would have swore vito struck gold when he discovered this "spiderman bouncy ball".

time flies when your having fun!!!

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