Saturday, March 3, 2012

maple goes to the zoo!

the weather this past wednesday was awesome so therefore i always feel compelled to take full advantage!
seany had  preschool, but vito and i were free to roam for a couple hours.  i decided we would do a fly by at the zoo, but i knew exactly how i could make it super exciting for v.  i crammed his lil buddy maple in my pocket and we were on our way.  anyone that knows vito best  knows just how special maple is.  maple was a gift that was given to me in the hospital while i was on bed rest and he's been vito's lovey since the day he was born.  mommy and daddy NEVER allow maple to leave the house but since it was just the two of us i knew i could keep a watchful eye on the situation.

i waited for the perfect moment and then i secretly surprised my boy!!

he could hardly believe that "my maple" was at the zoo!  he had to give him a quick inspection to make sure it was really him and not "maple #2".  (a backup maple that he has no interest in)  he was so excited to show maple the animals at the zoo!!

vito said that maple's favorite were the giraffes, the mommy and the baby one!

vito loves maple so much he even wanted mommy to buy him lunch and a soda at the zoo cause "maple so thirsty".  i don't think so v :)  it's amazing how much having maple at the zoo changed the whole experience for vito.  he thought it was great, and my heart melted every time he talked to his best friend.

vito is the best tour guide ever, just ask maple!!!

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