Friday, March 9, 2012

play group take one

this morning we had our first play group.  we gathered at 10am at francis park and the kids were ready to paint! we had 11 children in attendance which i was pleased with for the first time.  i expect to have many more come when the weather is a bit warmer and kids are out of school this summer.

with a concrete canvas the children went to work...

the painting didn't last  long, but that's expected with children at such young ages.  the idea for this play group is to get outside with your children, meet some new ones and be a little creative at the same time.  its always fun to do something new, get a bit messy, and enjoy the fresh air.

there were balls to bounce and a quilt to sit on play with several toys.  i intend on bringing different toys each  time...

we ate snack which was great.  the kids ended up sharing amongst each other which gave them the opportunity to try different things that they may not have at home. one  mom even baked yummy cupcakes to share with everyone!

after about an hour we decided to clean up our mess and head over to the play ground...

i want to thank all the parents that took the time out of their mornings to come and spend it with us! if you are reading this blog and want to join us next time leave a comment on this blog or message me on facebook.  i will start planning the next one this week and will send out the invite asap!!!  

have a good weekend and enjoy your little ones!! 

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