Sunday, August 7, 2011

city museum

saturday started off well.  we hit the gym at 10 am, followed by lunch at goia's deli located on the hill.  it never fails on saturdays.  we always demand to go out for lunch immediately after leaving the gym.  hank and i always joke and say we're just putting the calories right back on, and then some more than likely but at least we don't feel as guilty about it.  we take our time driving back home, and put the boys down for a nap.  hank and i had been talking about each of us taking one of the kids and spending some alone time with them.  we don't do this very often, but when we do, its amazing how different they act with out each other.  i had decided i would hang out with seany and hank would hang out with vito.  after all the time pondering on what to do, all four of us decided to go to the city museum.  we had only been one other time which was last summer, and thought it would be a totally new experience for all of us since we didn't have to lug the stroller with us this time around.      

we had such a great time.  it's amazing how just the boys being a year older makes for a completely different trip.  we climbed through the caves and took some close ups of the water turtles.  vito rode on the tiger over and over again, while seany chose to ride the waves, and hitch a ride from a whale.  building extra tall towers with daddy is always fun, and don't forget about the tiny choo choo train rides.  we made a mess with clay in the art room, and acted silly in a pit of bouncy balls.  we had a blast.

the sun was setting and our bellies were rumbling.  seany was sad to leave but recovered quickly with the mention of white castles.

with full bellies we headed home to get ready for bed.  great times had by all some big, some small!!!

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