Wednesday, August 3, 2011

morning at the library

our morning was to go as follows...
wake up, get dressed and ready to be out the door by 9:30, visit the library and attend story time, meet friends for pizza, and back home by 1pm to catch a nap.  well we were all out of bed by 7:30, i only had to tell seany once to put his clothes on, and vito didn't put up a fight when it came time to comb his hair. we were out the door on time and there was no arguing  about what we were listening to on the radio. so far so good!

we arrive at the library and the boys take turns sliding each book one by one through the return bin.  we catch the elevator up to the 3rd floor and spend the next 15mins doing our usual stuff.  seany heads straight to the superhero books and vito sneaks up on the big teddy bear.  poor teddy never stands a chance against vito.  we complete the same puzzles every week, and i graze through books looking for the ones with the brightest pictures and fair amount of text.
at 10 on the dot, we find a seat on the abc carpet and join the others for a welcoming song.  vito's butt usually never stays on the carpet to long and seany appears to be pondering new ways to have all eyes in our direction.   little does he know, we don't have to try at that one.  we sang songs, threw bean bags in the air, and listed to precious rhymes.
due to seany's lack of listening at the library, we were unable to eat pizza with our friends and decided to just go back home.  i threw together lunch, the kids played with blocks downstairs  in the play room, while i crafted with paper, and then time for nap.

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