Monday, August 15, 2011

recap of last weeks activities

my babies are getting big, and this momma is anything but happy about it.  yes i like the fact that seany can almost completely dress himself in the morning with the exception of tying his shoes, and vito's vocabulary is to the sky which makes communication these days a breeze. i know stuff gets a bit easier as they get a little older, but for now i'm gonna enjoy every  teeny tiny moment of their innocence.

we pretended to bake delicious cupcakes and sing happy birthday time and time again. we also cooked many tasty meals using their new wooden kitchen set that i was delighted to get a great deal off craigslist.

with the weather finally braking, we took advantage and ventured to the zoo to meet up with friends.  the boys and i took a ride on the beautiful carousel.  poor vito is so scared of tigers his little eyes were nervously watching behind him the majority of the time, just in case one tried to sneak up on him.   and of course we took a gander through the bug house.  of all places and things to see at the zoo, the bug house is seany's top priority.

friday was a very special day for the whole family.  it was gotcha day.  every year on august 12 marks the day   that seany was brought to our home.  the boys and i started our day by  heading over to pick up our special friend kyluan and from there headed strait to the park.  kyluan mastered the monkey bars, and his smile of self pride was brighter than the sun shining in the sky.  the boys climbed and climbed, and rode down the slide over and over.


only because it was such a special day mommy dropped 12 bucks on 3 mixed up slurpees that were so sweet   and sour your eyes had no choice but to cross.  what made these slurpees so marvelous was that they were in wwe wrestling cups.  seany and vito chose rey mysterio, and kyluan's pick was randy orton.  these boys go bonkers over wrestling.

on saturday evening hank and i went out to dinner with my cousin jill and had an awesome time.  we ate at vito's restaurant and enjoyed quality adult conversation, which is a treat in its self these days.   all in all we had a  great weekend.

hmm, what to do next weekend???

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