Monday, August 1, 2011

first egg hatched...jasean henry

seany is my oldest son, whom i deeply adore. words alone can not describe my love for this child. yes its obvious he is adorable.  he's got the tiniest little curls that form on the top of his perfectly shaped head, and his eyes are as gorgeous and dark as the bottom of the deepest seas.  when he smiles i am blinded by his beautiful pearly white teeth and his laugh is contagious.  his little body never stops moving, and his brain is always ticking.  he is smart as a whip, and cares mostly about others feelings.  if he is aware that he hurt ones feeling, he will crumble.
yes its obvious we don't share the same blood that runs through our veins, but to us it doesn't matter.  i am his mommy and he is my son.    
seany has been my sweet baby since the tiny age of 9 months, and became a permanent member of the schwartz family on october1 2010. ya there is a lot more to that story, but that is not what is important. we are together, and this momma aint gonna let nobody shake our world.  i believe god had this all planned out and seany is right where he's supposed to be.

a few things sean enjoys:
little brother vito
super heroes and wrestling action figures
dipping all his food in sauce
snuggling on the couch with mommy and vito to read a bed time story
playing with his friends and cousins
swimming lessons
singing to the radio

tomatoes and onions

so in a nut shell, seany is a dream come true!!

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