Tuesday, August 2, 2011

seany' poem

i started writing this poem for seany shortly after he came to live with us.  i continued on over the course of 26 long heart wrenching months.  it goes a little something like this:

it seems like just the other day
this precious little angel came my way

looking so scared and all alone
not a soul knowing you were actually home

we tried real hard and made you smile
and asked the lord please bless this child

growing and changing with every day
praying to god please let him stay

thanksgiving christmas easter and all
hoping and wishing you'll be here next fall

only wanting whats best for you
holding my breath for a dream come true

living in fear is never any fun
if i had to do it all over for you would be the one

always believing you were meant to be
now all we need is the judge to agree

JaSean Henry Schwartz is now your name 
loving you forever is the name of our game

the power of prayer is like no other
im honored each day to be your mother

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