Tuesday, August 2, 2011

wait there's another...vito steven

my littelest cheese burger in paradise, you make mommy's world sooo nice.  vito was born on december 26, 2008.  he was 31/2 weeks early and has been mr independent, even way before the day he decided to make his debut.  due to lack of amniotic fluid vito and i became residents for 4 solid weeks at the hospital. i always felt so alone during those weeks, but now when i look back, my little guy was right there with me the whole time. the name vito comes from my side of the family.  it is my father's middle name and my great grandfathers first name.  steven is my father in laws middle name.  i had known for many years that if i had a son his name would be vito, and seriously can you think of any other name that better suites my bambino. absolutely not!

vito is like a firecracker that is always ready to explode.  i have never seen so much character crammed in one little body. i never get tired of his darling little voice, and i adore sticking my nose in his curly locks of hair.

   vito makes everyday exciting, and as fast as he can turn naughty he's even faster to make me giggle.  silly boy...mamma loves you!!!!

vito enjoys:

sniffing maple(his lovey little dog)
licking everything, yes everything
singing and dancing
bed time stories with mommy and seany
playing with playdough, yes he licks this too
anything his big brother likes


getting his hair washed
being patient
being told what to do


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